The Writers WorkSpace . . . where writing works


Currently, Writers WorkSpace allows access only to members via a keycard-based security system. Members may request guest privileges for a client. Some special events and workshops are open to the public, and brief tours are held by reservation, typically on Thursdays at 10 am and 7 pm. Additional tour times are available upon request. Free wifi access is available throughout the workspace. Contact us for more information about tours or to schedule a complimentary work visit.

Photo Gallery

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Floor Plan

Writers WorkSpace original floor plan.


Here you’ll find a variety of reference materials and literary magazines, comfortable seating, and a street view of Broadway. The lounge is an ideal spot to chat with other writers, wait for a client, read a great book, or work in a more social atmosphere.

Writing Studio

The studio offers a quiet space, free of conversation and cell phone use, for writers to work undisturbed for any length of time. A printer makes it possible to take your work further than you can at a coffeeshop or library. Plenty of spacious desks and ergonomic chairs are available. A small, private studio is located across the hallway from the larger main writing studio; this one-person studio allows limited cell phone use.

Conference Room

Collaborate here with a partner or client, or host your own workshop or reading. Members have first-come, first-served access to a 10’ x 17’ conference room that seats up to 8 around a conference table or can be rearranged without the table to accommodate a variety of groups with larger seating needs.


The fully-stocked kitchen includes a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, dining table, and counter seating. With its potentially social, café-like atmosphere (plus free beverages), you might choose to work at one of the countertop areas and capitalize on the buzz in the room even when you’re not eating.

Lockers & Bike Storage

A limited number of storage lockers are available (for a minimal fee) to lock and store whatever fits, or simply hang your coat in the closet. Hanging bike racks are accessible through a secure back entrance.